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Nick Molina is today the Chief Executive Officer of International Vapor Group

February 22, 2014

Nick Molina had years of experience before he took a three year hiatus from the business world. Upon his return, in 2009, Nick Molina took over at International Vapor Group. He is today the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Vapor Group, where he has helped to bring his business experience to the forefront of the company's operations. Nick Molina has sought to ensure that International Vapor Group is a leader in the industry of electronic cigarettes. The aim of International Vapor Group is to provide high quality alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, by providing affordable access to electronic cigarette products and accessories. The electronic cigarettes made by International Vapor Group are not the same type that are put out by the other firms in the industry. They are high in quality and made to be durable so that they will last much longer. They are also affordable, so that many consumers can afford them. Making their products more affordable means being able to help more people to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

International Vapor Group is not a small player in the industry, this is a company with a global footprint. International Vapor Group is responsible for the manufacture, distribution, and retail of a number of popular brands in the electronic cigarettes industry. International Vapor Group oversees the success of brands like EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. These brands have experienced success in the market because they are not over-priced and they are made to last. Best of all—they actually work. If you make use of International Vapor Group's products, you have a good chance of being able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, then turning to electronic cigarettes is a wise choice—right now it is pretty widely accepted that they are the most successful smoking cessation aids.